Sunday, June 28, 2009

Advance Praise: Brownstein'd

“For centuries, people have tried to take words and turn them
into music. What Paul Siegell does in his collection of poetry,
jambandbootleg, is take music
and turn it back into words. And he
does it exceptionally well, capturing
both the excitement of concert-
going and the poetic essence of
the improvisational music scene.”
——Marc Brownstein,
bass player of The Disco Biscuits
and Younger Brother

HEADS UP/NOW ON SALE: You’re at your computer. Tickets are a tense, electrifying few seconds from going on sale. Eyeing the time, you’re hitting “Refresh,” and elsewhere, all your friends are doing the exact same thing. That’s Paul Siegell’s jambandbootleg. A widespread, high-spirited head rush. Desperation, fretfulness — all out life-leaping. “The party starts in the parking lot,” indeed. With poems shaped like a guitar, the American flag, even a Golgi apparatus, Paul’s monumental artworks could easily transform into posters. His is a poetry of exploration, heart and astonishment. Simply put: read Paul Siegell’s music. Read it as if listening to the bangingest bootleg.

COVER DESIGNED by ELISA SCHMIDT (camp bisco logos)

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