Thursday, November 03, 2011

#OccupyPhilly with Jacques Lipchitz

"With the statue of William Penn standing guard,
the protestors of Occupy Philadelphia are standing
up. But there's also another rather large monument, just across the street in Thomas Paine Plaza, that is keeping a watchful eye as well


  1. Nice work.
    I thought The Spirit of Enterprise was Jack giving the bird to Phila as it had was prodding him for exection of his paid commission?
    Occupy Walls St 101:

  2. Great vid. Thanks for sharing it. And, I didn't know/hadn't heard that about The Spirit of Enterprise. I was aware of this, however: "Lipchitz's preliminary sketch showed a pioneer striding forward, carrying the dove of peace and a caduceus, the symbol of commerce, and apparently being guided by an eagle upon which one of his feet was resting. The committee accepted this concept but objected that the eagle was an important American symbol and must not be stepped on."