Tuesday, October 29, 2013


So, during the launch of my ~18-minute set in front of ~800 people, this happened...

I haven't experienced a weekend as special as Denver, Colorado's Lakeside Stride Bluegrass Festival in a long time.

On Friday, October 18 (Lakeside Stride Eve), I read to a super rowdy crowd at the West End Tap House. K-Law & The Bandito Burrito Bros. headlined, & during setbreak I ran my mouth off with: "05.05.07 - Jonathan Freilich, Skerik, Stanton Moore, Todd Sickafoose & Mike Dillon - Chickie Wah Wah, NOLA," "06.25.00 - PHiSH - Alltel Pavilion, NC," & "The Lakeside Stride Song." Catch the insanity here.

Then, on October 19, I'd the ridiculous opportunity to not only watch the Highland Ramblers, Old Town Pickers & Dead Winter Carpenters TEAR UP the stage--I got to TAKE the stage. Short a few hot minutes in the beginning, here is my glowstick-flinging performance. After I also flung copies of wild life rifle fire into the crowd & finally shut the hell up, Hot Buttered Rum ft. Allie Kral destroyed Tennyson Street.

I'm sayin' DEE-STROY'd.

Unimaginable amounts of THANKS to Ariel Rosemberg, the Chateau de Rage, & the entire Lakeside Stride audience & family!

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