Tuesday, October 29, 2013


So, during the launch of my ~18-minute set in front of ~800 people, this happened...

I haven't experienced a weekend as special as Denver, Colorado's Lakeside Stride Bluegrass Festival in a long time.

On Friday, October 18 (Lakeside Stride Eve), I read to a super rowdy crowd at the West End Tap House. K-Law & The Bandito Burrito Bros. headlined, & during setbreak I ran my mouth off with: "05.05.07 - Jonathan Freilich, Skerik, Stanton Moore, Todd Sickafoose & Mike Dillon - Chickie Wah Wah, NOLA," "06.25.00 - PHiSH - Alltel Pavilion, NC," & "The Lakeside Stride Song." Catch the insanity here.

Then, on October 19, I'd the ridiculous opportunity to not only watch the Highland Ramblers, Old Town Pickers & Dead Winter Carpenters TEAR UP the stage--I got to TAKE the stage. Short a few hot minutes in the beginning, here is my glowstick-flinging performance. After I also flung copies of wild life rifle fire into the crowd & finally shut the hell up, Hot Buttered Rum ft. Allie Kral destroyed Tennyson Street.

I'm sayin' DEE-STROY'd.

Unimaginable amounts of THANKS to Ariel Rosemberg, the Chateau de Rage, & the entire Lakeside Stride audience & family!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ladies & gentlemen, it's the "Lakeside Stride Song"

Lakeside Stride in Headlines: E-Verse Radio | Painted Bride Quarterly | PhanArt | North Denver Tribune | Relix.com
The Lakeside Stride Bluegrass Festival, 5K Run and Chili Cook-off in Denver on Saturday, October 19th: Hot Buttered Rum ft. Allie Kral, Dead Winter Carpenters, Old Town Pickers, Highland Ramblers, and Paul Siegell. Add your madness to the facebook invite here. Shake it!

Saturday, October 05, 2013

"Paul introduced me to an appreciation of counterculture," said Rosemberg.

Big thanks to the North Denver Tribune for their feature on the Lakeside Stride Bluegrass Festival that I, along with Hot Buttered Rum, will be performing at on October 19 in Denver! + GIGANTIC THANKS to Ariel Rosemberg for his hilarious shout-out! Damn hippies.