Monday, March 21, 2016


* [Sat 04.02.16]: Leading a Workshop:
Forgotten Voices Poetry Group at Telford Library, Telford, PA

1:oopm – why orderly type they energy any

Writing poetry can be a pretty difficult thing to do, but it can also be a lot of fun. So let’s do just that! And let’s get granular. Let’s go i-n-s-i-d-e the wonderful words we chose and use, and take a look at the letters that get us where we never knew we could go.
* [Mon 04.11.16]: Hosting a Reading:
1:oopm – Painted Bride Quarterly presents: Four Dope Poets at Black Sheep Pub, Phila, PA: details to come
* [Sat 04.16.16]: Moderating a Panel:
Philly Loves Poetry Festival, Art Sanctuary, Phila, PA

12:00pm-1:30pm – Power Chords: Music & Poetry

To some poets, music is a major part of their work – both in process and in content – because music is a major part of who they are. Come hang with a few local poets as they discuss how songs, instruments, beats, musicians, and genres of music impact the writing, reading, and performance of poetry. Paul Siegell (moderator) with Kirsten Kaschock, Camae Defstar, and Ernest Hilbert
* [Thurs 04.21.16]: Judged a Recognition:
PA Center for the Book’s Public Poetry Project with Nicole Steinberg, Dawn Lonsinger, Peter Oresick, Michelle Lin, and Tameka Cage Conley, Foster Auditorium in Paterno Library, State College, PA
* [Sat 04.30.16]: Presenting on a Panel:
LitLife Poetry Conference, Rosemont College's Lawrence Auditorium, Phila, PA

Panelists: Dr. Valerie Fox (moderator), Kelly McQuain, Paul Siegell, and Catherine Staples.

Fantastic Ekphrastic: What is poetry's relationship to other art forms? An ekphrastic poem is a vivid description of a work of art, but the idea of ekphrasis need not stop there. What are some of the new ways in which Philly poets are combining poetry projects with visual art, dance, portraiture and other hybrid creations? What role can concrete poetry play? What are good starting points for writers wishing to tackle art as a subject area, and how can one best collaborate with contemporary peers as well as artists of ages past? Join these Philly poets to see how they infuse their poems and poetics through collaboration with art via multiple modes.