# Publisher: A-Head Publishing; 1st edition (July 1, 2009)
# ISBN-10: 098162832X / ISBN-13: 978-0981628325
# Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 6.9 x 0.4 inches
# Paperback: 122 pages
# Cover design: Elisa Schmidt
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Marc Brownstein | Relix | Rattle | Surrender to the Flow | Bookslut

“For centuries, people have tried to take words and turn them
into music. What Paul Siegell does in his collection of poetry,
jambandbootleg, is take music
and turn it back into words. And he
does it exceptionally well, capturing
both the excitement of concert-
going and the poetic essence of
the improvisational music scene.”
——Marc Brownstein,
bass player of The Disco Biscuits
and Younger Brother

"How could I look up for the W4 stop while reading about public-female masturbation?" --Surrender to the Flow #21 reviews jambandbootleg

Poems arose in 5AM, BlazeVOX, E Pluribus Unum: An Anthology of Diverse Voices, Kulture Vulture, MiPOesias, Moria, New Pony: A Horse Less Anthology, Otoliths, PFS Post, Pinstripe Fedora, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Press 1, Rattle, Sawbuck, Shampoo, Siren, Softblow, Sous Rature, Surrender to the Flow, Three Rivers Review, Umbrella and wordplay.

Lynn Levin at Rattle reviews: "...countless wildly inventive descriptions of peak emotional states. Siegell’s sense of awe just keeps on coming." -Rattle

JambandsOnline.com: Parking Lot Poetry: A Review of “jambandbootleg” by Paul Siegell

Turn to page 67
in RELIX magazine!

"Paul Siegell is ecstasy in the present tense...

Siegell’s poems bend the jamband scene into enthused reveries.”

Bookslut's Indie Heartthrob "Ever start an old tape on Side B?"

PLUS, on Gypsy Art Show, jbbl is "...........yours for the raging"

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* Bobbi Lurie says, “PAUL SIEGELL HAS WOKEN ME UP.”

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