Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Billy Penn calls my work "newly spicy" and "relatively brash"

In their post about The Philadelphia Inquirer's 190th birthday and switch from to, WHYY’s Billy Penn writes:

One of the three oldest surviving print publications in the country, The Philadelphia Inquirer was founded in June 1829 by John R. Walker and John Norvell. The latter man is the source of the paper’s moniker, which comes from this quote:

In a free state, there should always be an inquirer asking on behalf of the people.”

That motto informs a newly spicy tagline for the rebranded company. Answering the question of why “an Inquirer” seeks out information, it uses a phrase that’s relatively brash for the once-staid periodical: “Because they give a damn.”

The tone shift was entirely on purpose, per Parzych, who said it was intended to catch people’s attention and also “infuse some of the proud DNA” of the Daily News into the combined brand.

“Internally, it’s made people excited because, you know, we do give a damn. Philadelphia gives a damn, right?” she said. “We were really trying to encapsulate the passion that is Philadelphia.”

Wednesday, June 05, 2019


My lit is pro Prolit Magazine 🕺🏻🥂🚀 Many thanks to Patrick Blagrave and all his incredible work launching this new, important journal. Honored to help kick it off and be among such inspiring company!