Wednesday, November 03, 2010

thump thu-thump ah thump-thump, thwong

Benjamin Winkler of Splitleaves Press writes:
"In April 2008, Paste had the good taste to interview Paul Siegell. “One can imagine Siegell’s shaped verses singing from posters … like Pop Art glyphs,” Jesse Jarnow wrote.

At the time, Paul said, “I’m hoping in the next couple months, a saxophone’s gonna come out in something I write, or a trumpet.” Well:

Splitleaves is thrilled to put out these poster-sized broadsides, thump thu-thump ah thump-thump, thwong. Read them, frame them. By the way, you can view that Paste article here.

Set of two broadsides. 11 x 17 each.
Textured paper in honey and concrete.
Offset printed.
Rolled and tied with linen thread.

Limited edition of 40. $7.00"
thump thu-thump ah thump-thump, thwong includes:
*05.04.07 – New Orleans Jazz Vipers – Spotted Cat, NOLA*
*05.05.07 – Jonathan Freilich, Skerik, Stanton Moore, Todd Sickafoose & Mike Dillon – Chickie Wah Wah, NOLA*

To order your set, please visit SPLITLEAVES PRESS. Thank you!

More Splitleaves buzz 'ere. And, here's the order form of awesomeness!


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    And here's the order form:

    Hope your reading went well! Sorry to miss it.

  2. hey hey, thanks so much!