Monday, June 11, 2012


About this piece, and the Jacques Lipchitz manuscript from which it comes, Liana Katz of Damask Press writes:

"Personally, I was moved to 'mere/child' because I thought it exemplified the spirit of the manuscript, blending visual, sculptural elements with literary, poetic content... I loved the curvature and shape of the text on both pages and was instantly excited about how they would look as a large format broadside. With Damask, I think Toby (Altman) and I are always trying to strike a balance between the artistic and the functional. For me, 'mere/child' presented an opportunity to work with a more abstract art piece while maintaining our loyalty to our mission of publishing poetry in an aesthetic but accessible way."

Many thanks to Liana, Toby & Allegra Fisher of Damask Press for all their hard work, care & collaboration.

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